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Launched in 2019, the brand is dedicated to offering high quality footwear without comprises: beautiful, elegant, sexy but first and foremost, comfortable. The co-founders, Irina Levchenko-Kuksheva and Elizaveta Buynova, had in mind the idea of a modern woman living life to the fullest: busy and always on the run. We created N.early N.aked shoes for these women, they are our inspiration and our customer.

N.early N.aked are not statement shoes, but they would fit any wardrobe, be it minimal capsule monochrome or a colorful collection of garments. The shoes fit your life with a sense of refined ease.

N.early N.aked is defined by its fusion of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Referencing the ballroom dancing shoes we used the technologies specific to the latter: dancers' practice hours long without having the suffocating feeling in their legs. The flexible sole follows the movement of the feet, the elasticated edge adheres to the shape of your feet and slightly padded insole buffers the force while walking (and dancing!). The heel is positioned so it would balance the load rather than putting all the weight onto the toes and spine. We chose the last and created the cut to compliment all feet shapes. N.early N.aked shoes are made in Italy using best materials available.

This season we introduced sandals to the summer collection. Drawing inspiration from the shoes for Latin dance, we designed the sandal to combine the best of both worlds: comfort and sensuality. The soft and dense insole allows you to spend the whole day wearing the sandals without feeling sore, and the thin straps located at meticulously calculated angles create a sexy "invisible" look.

About the co-founders of N.early N.aked

Irina Levchenko-Kuksheva, an engineer by training, and a dancer at heart, spent her childhood and youth in ballroom dancing classes. Exhausting hours-long trainings were carried out on heels, yet by virtue of the shoes designed purposely for dancing her legs and feet didn't feel sore or tired. The idea of N.early N.aked was born right there and then.

Elizaveta Buynova is a footwear designer based in Paris. Prior to teaming up with Irina and launching N.early N.aked she worked at Proenza Schouler, A.F. Vandevorst and Ann Demeulemeester.